Super Opinionated

Courtney Stanton stars as a woman with opinions on the internet.

Who Does She Think She Is

In which I fake-interview myself in an attempt to anticipate what you want to know about me.

"Where else do you write?"

I have a newsletter that goes out every week or so.

"I need your bio for an event you agreed to appear at."

Courtney Stanton is a technical program manager, independent game producer, and interactive fiction maker based in Boston. She reads the entire internet every day and can be found writing her blog,

"I also need a picture."

Use this one I took on my phone after 2 days of no sleep and 6 Dr. Peppers while doing the Global Game Jam in 2011 and wearing my friend’s papercraft Magneto helmet.

"I want to contact you about something but not via Tumblr’s Ask Box."

There are a variety of methods of commenting at or writing to me at the top of the page in the form of social media icons. If you’re writing to me about a stressful or sensitive subject (ie: more than one paragraph) please consider a preliminary “I’d like to write with you about [subject] is that okay with you?” email first so I can consent to the conversation before it shows up in my inbox.

"I’m mad at you."

That’s valid and I’m sorry.