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Courtney Stanton stars as a woman with opinions on the internet.



This is beautiful and it’s amazing to me that it had such a positive outcome and not lifelong hateful grudges, which is probably what these attackers deserved. 


This is perfect and beautiful and amazing

I have been thinking about things like this a lot — about what happens when people in a community do harm, what should the community do, where should the energy go, what would be beneficial for the people harmed.

An answer (not THE answer) I have come up with is to work toward an action of mediation and healing.

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I don’t know what Paul Newman’s situation is, but I make sauce.

Kelis, in the NYT having no time for the interviewer. (via glossylalia)

Hearts in my eyes.

Your ex-husband, the rapper Nas, put your wedding dress on his album cover. Why did he still have the dress?It’s not even the dress. The joke behind that is that it’s the slip to the petticoat to my dress. I think when I moved out I just left it. That’s all he had, poor thing.

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oh my god this whole interview is so condescending and gross and kelis is so great and so fucking done in her responses and this is why you don’t get a Political Reporter from the WSJ to interview Kelis.

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a) yes to all of this

b) kelis for president

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I read this last night, and just laughed and laughed.

"Bossy" is extremely important to me. The only good thing I got out of C.

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file out under

" kelis is out here living and gives naan damn about your dumb ass questions*

This entire interview is Amy Chozick embarrassing herself and Kelis displaying the infinite grace of her being by deigning to continue the interview at all.

Also. THE SHADE SHE MANAGES TO THROW INTO HER ANSWERS: “You and I are both women, but I have an inkling that we dress very differently. We could both wear the same black dress, but the things that we put with it will define who we are.”

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Sophie, the girl, is given a spell and transformed into an old woman. It would be a lie to say that turning young again would mean living happily ever after. I didn’t want to say that. I didn’t want to make it seem like turning old was such a bad thing — the idea was that maybe she’ll have learned something by being old for a while, and, when she is actually old, make a better grandma. Anyway, as Sophie gets older, she gets more pep. And she says what’s on her mind. She is transformed from a shy, mousy little girl to a blunt, honest woman. It’s not a motif you see often, and, especially with an old woman taking up the whole screen, it’s a big theatrical risk. But it’s a delusion that being young means you’re happy.

Hayao Miyazaki, on what attracted him to Howl’s Moving Castle

The Auteur of Anime by Margaret Talbot: “The New Yorker” (January 17th, 2005) 

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