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i feel like ultimately all anyone can really expect from the illusion known as community is to find a couple people who get you and add them to your good people pokemon collection.

community is like this bonfire that gathers people together in this freezing wasteland, and at first everyone is united by the fact that you dont want to freeze to death (i.e. the born crisis state of just being a fem individual), but once you’ve taken care of that need, the more individual needs and differences assert. plus if you stick around too long, the average person starts wanting to throw people in the fire as fuel instead of looking for stable, long-term shelter that requires zero ritual sacrifices to maintain.

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I don’t care if he was smoking a doobie a mile long, it wasn’t a shooting offense.  Stealing cigars, if true, wasn’t a shooting offense.  He could have been letting air out of the tires of the chief’s fucking tires and it still wouldn’t be a shooting offense, you know why?  THERE IS NO CRIME IN THIS COUNTRY THAT IS A SHOOTING OFFENSE.  Even if he’d been jailed, arraigned, gone through all the procedures of court for felony murder in a death penalty state, been found guilty and exhausted all of his appeals, no one could shoot him.  As it was, he was walking down the street.

Walking.  Because that’s what dangerous guilty horrible criminal persons do in this country, friends and neighbors, they walk down the street, ignoring the police officer in such a perverse, vicious, and heinous manner that the police officer, protecting and serving his tightly gripped ass off, shoots him.  Multiple times.  Because everyone knows the white policeman would never just plain haul off and shoot an innocent man in these United Racist States.

I hate this.  There will never be justice here.  Never.

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Dogs or cats?

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Oh, cats most definitely. Not because they are in any way better, but I enjoy the problems that cats give me (untrainable, stubborn, constantly self-centered) far more than the problems that dogs give me (needy, dependent, anxious for attention).